Theatre Box – skills for life through performing arts

Theatre Box is a theatre school in Dover, Kent dedicated to providing children with high quality drama and musical theatre training. Our programme is designed to build confidence, self esteem and creativity in your child through fun and engaging classes and performances. Exams with Trinity College London offer a path for progression and give students a real achievement.

We are based at the Dover College, Kent.

We believe that performing arts can benefit every child. Our experienced and passionate teachers strive to help every student reach their full potential through a personalised and nurturing approach.


Why we are different

At Theatre Box, we offer classes for children from 4 years old through to their teens. Classes are designed to challenge and inspire each student, developing their skills in drama, singing and dancing whilst encouraging creativity and imagination.


 Provides a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their emotions and express themselves. Through improvisation, script work and role playing, they will develop their communication skills, social skills and confidence.


A fun and energetic way to improve fitness, coordination and rhythm. Our experienced teachers will cover range of styles as part of Musical Theatre, giving students the opportunity to learn new steps they can add to performance pieces. For extra dance lessons in addition to TheatreBox please speak to Aimee who is a trained dance teacher and member of the Imperial Society for Teacher of Dance.


Provides the opportunity to learn correct vocal techniques and discover the joy of singing. We encourage the students to find their own voice and express their emotions through song, building confidence and self esteem.

transferrable skills

At Theatre Box we are passionate about the transferrable skills performing arts has to offer. We believe that the arts has the power to change lives and are committed to providing exceptional training and opportunities to every student. 

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